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Governor Patrick will release his version of the state's 2015 budget on January 22 at 1 p.m.  We will track each step of the budget process below.  The Massachusetts budget runs on a fiscal year cycle that begins July 1 and ends June 31 the following year.  To connect to the page on particular budget hit the date below the title. As each step unfolds we will post links to results.  The House and Senate committee and full budgets are released in the spring and summer months. A final budget is typicaly approved by July 1.



Governor's Budget (House One)

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House Ways & Means Committee Budget


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House Budget

Senate Ways & Means Committee Budget

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 Governor's Vetoes and Final Budget


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  Budget Advocacy Information: 

Budget Advocacy: Make It Effective! | Primer on Budget Line Items



Budget Headlines

Speaker Robert DeLeo after passage of Autism Omnibus bill with Barbara L'Italien,
Amy Weinstock, Ann Guay and on left, Julia Landau and Tina Fitanides

April 17:  Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a comprehensive Autism bill - House 4047. The bill was a combination of many of the pieces of legislation filed in January of 2013 as a result of the work by the Governor's Autism Commission.

The legislation will reestablish the Autism Commission as a permanent and autonomous entity, necessary since the previous commission sun-setted upon release of the report. It provides for an executive director to support autism advocacy, training and reporting. There are two specific areas directed to study - the long-term needs for housing and employment - in addition to the areas of study and recommendations previously covered by the commission.

DDS will now be directed to include in its eligibility guidelines the federal definition of developmental disability for people on the autism spectrum and those with Prader Willi. This change will assist many whose functional needs are not reflected by their IQ score and who are now denied access to DDS.


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Chairman Dempsey and the Ways/Means Committee released a supportive 2015 budget for our services on April 9 of this week.  

Highlights additional funding for:

•        Family Support/Respite of $2.5 Million

•        Made a major investment in Chapter 257

•        Additional monies for other accounts such as transportation and day/employment. 

•        The Ways and Means Document specifically referenced the new initiative in employment including a separate account with $1 Million. 


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In the coming weeks, The Arc, ADDP and others will be advocating for a range of supports for people with disabilities.  Please click here to see what The Arc will present as its testimony.  You can use this to communicate with your legislator too.

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Governor Deval Patrick released his FY’15 state budget on Wednesday, January 22nd. A budgetary analysis of The Arc’s priorities shows that the Governor made a significant investment in some line items which are long-time goals of The Arc – annual funding of Turning 22- young adults who have transitioned from school to adult services, additional funding to Employment, Family Support and residential rates. Read the whole article here.

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Barbara L'Italien, Director of Govt. Affairs for The Arc testified last week on the Governor's budget at a hearing hosted by EOHHS (Health and Human Services.)  You can read the testimony here.

We also encourage you to send a message supporting persons with disabilities by going to The Arc action center (AC) and personalizing a message.  Hit "take action" on the upper left of this page to get to the AC.

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See five new articles covering a variety of legislation including bills from the autism commission and bills related to turning 22.

Click here to see the article headlines and read.

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