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Governor Patrick will release his version of the state's 2015 budget on January 22 at 1 p.m.  We will track each step of the budget process below.  The Massachusetts budget runs on a fiscal year cycle that begins July 1 and ends June 31 the following year.  To connect to the page on particular budget hit the date below the title. As each step unfolds we will post links to results.  The House and Senate committee and full budgets are released in the spring and summer months. A final budget is typicaly approved by July 1.



Governor's Budget (House One)

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House Ways & Means Committee Budget


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House Budget

Senate Ways & Means Committee Budget

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 Senate Budget

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Conference Committee Budget

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  Budget Advocacy Information: 

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Budget Headlines

Boston:  Governor Deval Patrick signed three disability bills into law on August 5th and 6th, which:  

  • increased access to services for individuals with autism and related disabilities
  • expanded choices and options in obtaining services and,
  • furthered the safety of those receiving services. 


A public signing ceremony is expected by the first week of September. Together, the bills reflect a major milestone in the evolution of service delivery in Massachusetts.  You can find the bills by clicking on the link here and going to the module – Governor Signs Three Key Disability Bills.  See our previous headline for a full report.


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A flurry of activity throughout the day resulted in resolution of many items in the Massachusetts State Legislature as the final day of formal session began on July 31.  We are pleased to report three top priority bills of The Arc and one supported bill made it through the session. We owe a strong debt of gratitude to the General Court, and Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray. 


Autism Omnibus –opens the door to many who need supports and services

Real Lives- places in statute self-determination for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and families

National Background Check-ensures a national safeguard for those hired to work directly with people served by DDS (Department of Developmental Services)


The passage of these three bills together makes this legislative period a significant landmark session for The Arc!

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The 36.5B fiscal year 2015 budget was finalized on June 29th and passed 144-7 in the House and unanimously in the Senate on June 30th.The budget made significant investments in services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive services from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Most notably was the investment to fund increases in the rate paid for long term residential services through CH257 - the first such rate increase in close to thirty years. 3M in funding was included for the employment initiative to place more individuals into integrated, community-based employment. The final budget included a 2.5M increase over last year for the Family Supports program. Transportation also received an increase over last year. The DESE/DDS program and Turning 22 were level funded from last year and there was a slight increase in the Autism Services line item.


Unfortunately, the Real Lives bill original language authored by Rep Sannicandro wasn't included in the final budget version.


To view the Conference Committee Report for FY'15 budget, visit this link and click on conference committee budget (H4242).  You can also see The Arc spread sheet here.


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 A number of pieces of Arc priority legislation are still being considered. Since this is an election year, both the state budget and all legislation that requires a roll-call vote (which is all policy) needs to be finished by July 31st to proceed forward this year. At this point this is where we stand:


Real Lives Bill (H4151):

The Real Lives bill expands the ability of people to decide where and with whom they want to live and work by self-directing their DDS service dollars. The bill requires that the administration implement certain new policies and procedures to allow public funds to be used as flexibly as possible by the individual or family and provides for the utilization of fiscal intermediaries to assist...

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The recently completed House and Senate budgets made significant investments in services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive services from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). You can influence the outcome of two key accounts --Family Support and Employment. Read the whole story here and see the budget chart - or read our action alert first at the Action Center.

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The Senate provided a budget with a number of positives. The gains in Residential supports and the Blueprint remained with two additions. There are a few areas of under-funding that we hope to resolve in Conference Committee.To see a budget chart go to this page and the first story.

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